Strong Brands. Better Products. Loyal Customers.


We enable our clients to execute the kind of insightful actions that will positively impact their success.

At Barraza & Associates we take our client’s hypotheses seriously and conduct in depth research to examine target markets; quantifying and qualifying what we discover in order to validate and build on the strength of their ideas. This enables us to strategically help our clients by
Creating Stronger Brands, Building Better Products, and Cultivating Loyal Customers® 


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We invest time with our clients to establish strong partnerships, enabling us to provide the highest quality insights and strategies. 

All new consulting engagements begin with a conversation about the background of the project, the business situation, and the impact of the project on the client’s company. This process is critical to ensure that expectations are clear and that we meet our client’s needs. These are the types of questions we ask every client:

  1. What led to this request?
  2. What decisions would be impacted by this project?
  3. What are you hoping to accomplish?
  4. What specific information are you looking for, and from whom?
  5. What other resources have you tried? What do you already know?
  6. What is the specific business decision to be made? 
  7. How will the results from the project impact the business decision?
  8. How does this align with your business unit’s strategic initiatives?
  9. What is the risk of not completing this project?
  10. What does success look like?

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Al Barraza    Chief Insights & Strategy Officer

Al Barraza

Chief Insights & Strategy Officer

Felice Stahl    Partner, Insights & Strategy

Felice Stahl

Partner, Insights & Strategy

James (Jaime) Barraza    Director Insights & Strategy

James (Jaime) Barraza

Director Insights & Strategy



Malini Hari, Customer Insights Professional. Malini is a veteran customer insights professional who specializes in exploratory and evaluative new product research, user funnel and churn, marketing messaging, competitive intelligence and integrating insights across data sources. She has extensive expertise across qualitative, quantitative or hybrid methods as well as B2C and B2B audiences. Malini has a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Business Economics.

Shelly Rose, Customer Insights Professional. Shelly is a veteran customer insights professional with 15 years of experience in primary qualitative and quantitative market research. She is passionate about infusing creativity and storytelling throughout the research process, from the tone used to question participants, to the design and layout of the story behind the research results. Shelly has extensive experience with Fortune 500 technology, consumer electronics and financial service companies. She has a BBA in Marketing. 

Noe Tuason, Predictive Analytics Consultant. Noe provides research and consulting in the financial, consumer, and health industries, using advanced analytics including recursive partitioning, generalized linear models with various distributional assumptions (Poisson, gamma, lognormal, negative binomial), conjoint, survival analysis, multinomial logit and discrete choice models. Previously a corporate researcher at CSAA, Deloitte Consulting, and Allstate Corp. Trained in Predictive Modeling at MIT, City University of New York, SAS Institute, and SPSS. He holds an M.A. in Philosophy.

Ray Celaya, Multicultural Marketing Professional. He assists clients in establishing the business case for marketing: design strategic frameworks; align brand values with targeted audiences; structure pilot programs; and support implementation.