Small Business is Huge in America

Are you marketing or selling to small businesses (SMBs)? America, always known as the land of opportunity, is where good ideas combined with determination & hard work can jump start businesses that prosper. 

This support of entrepreneurship takes many forms, including the 20 million+ sole proprietors working out of their home office or on the road with no employees, the millions of brick & mortar establishments located throughout the towns and cities across America, to the more established LLCs, S-Corps, and even the global conglomerates.

It's important to note that giant corporations don’t dominate the U.S! In fact, 99% of all independent enterprises employ fewer than 500 people! There are under 18,000 businesses that employ 500 or more people. 

Small enterprises, that is those with less than 500 employees, account for:

  • About 50% of all U.S. workers
  • 37% of high-tech employment
  • 98% of firms exporting goods

Get this: Since the end of the great recession alone, small firms accounted for 60% of the new jobs in America. These are impressive stats which demonstrate that small and medium sized businesses are still the heart of America.

And, contrary to the perception by some people in certain industries that most small business owners are age 35 or younger, the reality is that more than half (51%) of all business owners are 50 or older.  What does this all mean for you? When developing your targeting and communication strategies, it is important to keep in mind who you are targeting. The numerous small business owners aged 50 plus, command communication and messaging that deserves the level of respect earned through many years of accomplished leadership.

The Barraza Group knows small business. We've helped many B2B-focused companies such as PayPal, Intuit and others.