Adding Color to Your NPS and Customer Satisfaction Studies

Would you like to provide more color or a story behind your NPS or customer satisfaction numbers? Do you need to deliver that color faster and in an engaging manner for your stakeholders? Here's a process that will enable you to accomplish these goals. 

First, you will identify your top 20 - 30 most dissatisfied clients from your NPS or customer satisfaction study. You will also identify a random sample of 20 - 30 other customers for comparative analysis. The next step is to conduct a 3-day online discussion board with these customers. You can opt to use a webcam during the interviews. This process will help you:

  • Collect stories about your customers' best and worse experiences.
  • Explore what could have caused a customer to actively recommend, passively promote, or not recommend your brand.
  • Dig deep into any specific solutions or services that may be of interest to your customers.

What does your company get? Quick results in the form of “stories” about your clients’ best & worst experiences with your brand via integrated quantitative & qualitative research. You can get more attention from stakeholders by including webcam clips conveying the true “voice of the customer”. Contact us to set all this up for your NPS or customer satisfaction studies.